Introducing – Reward R17 SR

We’ve taken the retro styling from our Attitude 17 Sport Runabout concept and designed a new boat for the 21st century. Reward is a beauty that draws attention without being in your face, provides thrilling high performance without punishing you and is easy to live with due to its up to date powertrain and construction.

If your boats haven’t been a joy, it’s time to Reward yourself with one that is.

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We planned to introduce Reward at several shows this summer but Covid set our schedule back and put the kibosh on that. We look forward to showing Reward as soon as the situation permits. Meanwhile, we’re looking for socially distant ways to get Reward out in public, so if you are interested in Reward let us know as a fall tour and video travelogue may be an option.

See you in Newport, RI from Sept 16 – 19, 2021?

At rest after a fun afternoon out on Cape Cod Bay.