Engine – Introduced in the early 1900’s, the vee twin is archaic, iconic, and a timeless classic. It evokes a powerful, visceral response for riders and onlookers alike. In a boat, it is outrageous, cool, and fun!

Handlebars – Riding position like a big cruising bike, out in the open air, in command cruising along, banking in turns, positioned for seeing and being seen…

Cockpit – Focuses the rider experience. Engage all your senses with the sound and vibration of the engine, the pulsing exhaust spray, the wind in your face, the gleaming wood decks and the sense of commanding an utterly unique boat.

View from seated position –  The center seating position and inward curve of the sides provides a secure but unobstructed view of the water that is very much like watching the road go by under your feet on a motorcycle.

Transom – Elegant and sensuous rounded transom inspired by 1930’s vintage commuter  “Aphrodite”.

Flagpole – Overscale flagstaff speaks to pride of place and pride in showing your colors. Beautiful craftsmanship with beefy construction, it doubles as a handhold and incorporates the aft running light.

Operator Console – Thoughtful design to ABYC standards. Carbon fiber dash panel provides a modern touch to the retro design.

Springer Saddle Seats – Traditional motorcycle police saddle seats bring a new twist to boating and practical comfort in a chop.

Bottom, Running Gear – Low deadrise hull for planing performance, traditional inboard propeller demands operator skill but directly couples engine to thrust and acceleration available from the v-twin engine. The hard chine design provides a very stable platform that inspires confidence and easy boarding.


Deck – The beauty of wood decks and the style of mahogany runabouts.

gleaming mahogany deck photo

Sides – Sleek sensuous curves with exaggerated tumblehome delight the eyes and harken back to a bygone era…

Underway – The running profile recalls the timeless image of the long lean triple cockpit runabouts of the Gatsby era.

Profile – The reverse shear that tapers towards the water is elegant, while conveying a sense that it is hunched down and just waiting to run. Idling through an anchorage it is simply stunning.


Drone photo at the International Boat Show


Winter test run on the river highlights dual exhaust