Learn firsthand what ‘agog’ means

The King Hell® Model Attitude 17 Sport Runabout is low-slung, sleek, curvaceous and compelling. Wherever it has appeared it has drawn stares, thumbs up, hoots and inquiries. If you’re interested in being the center of attention, contact us to get the conversation started. We anticipate limited production of this future American classic boat.

From wood to composites, prototype to production

Launched in the fall of 2018, the prototype is undergoing continued testing.

Early in the development process we recognized that engine operating conditions in a boat are significantly different than on a motorcycle and sought expert guidance in configuring engines for this application. We were particularly interested in engine durability and low end torque. Working with long time vee twin performance specialist, Bob Johnson of Johnson Engine Technology, we are testing engine and drive train configurations for performance and reliability. Bob’s knowledge and experience is helping enormously. For example, the vee twin’s performance is strongly influenced by exhaust system design. Utilizing his extensive dyno testing experience, we incorporated features of the best performing systems in our water-cooled dual exhaust system to achieve significant performance gains over our earliest design. Of course, after uncorking the engine, we had to repitch the propeller. Wash, rinse, repeat. As of mid-December, 2018 we are running in the upper 30 mph range using a stock 88 cubic inch Harley-Davidson® engine.

Building hulls in wood with this transom design is very time consuming. The topsides are built up of three 3mm individual epoxy bonded layers of okoume plywood. Strips about an inch wide laid diagonally are needed to make the turn at the stern. Cost and scalability dictate composite construction. Composites engineering consultant, Eric Newberg at Ice Bear Worx took on the task of modeling the 3D CAD mold master, developing construction specifications including parts laminate schedules, details for laminating the wood veneer decking and providing reliable estimates for tooling and parts costs and delivery lead-times. The specified construction methods are used by some of the finest yacht builders today. The vacuum epoxy infused cored laminate construction provides high performance, high strength laminates with minimal weight promising to save 400 to 500 pounds over the weight of the prototype.

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