Availability – Reward R17 SR and SRT+

Reward R17 SR is coming Fall 2021. Now accepting deposits for deliveries in 2022.

We kicked off Reward’s design in mid-January 2020 made good use of the corona virus situation to do our homework.  Subscribing to the belief that a well executed CAD design process can get you very close to your goal, we’ve done a huge amount of design work to plan construction and assembly and to understand the process and avoid rework.

Hull #1 has been sold. Mold tooling is on order and we plan to lay up the first hull in September. We’re aware there are always things that come up on the first build. Installing a complete Rotax Jet Propulsion powertrain will be orders of magnitude simpler than doing a custom Harley Davison inboard powertrain.

Availability – Attitude 17 SR

If you want something really different, we have the ability to utilize our new hull platform to execute an engine forward, aft cockpit vee twin powered version. The vee twin is an unbelievable draw. If you want something truly unique for your own use or as part of a promotional effort, we can do it. Custom deck designs can incorporate any elements you wish.

Give us a call if you want to discuss this unique boating option.