Reward 17 SR

The new Reward R17 Sport Runabout is coming your way. It combines the look of classic mahogany runabouts with vacuum infused epoxy cored laminate hull and a powerful Rotax waterjet powertrain to excite and delight.

With one look at the Reward R17 Sport Runabout you know that timeless elegance is alive and well. Reward R 17 RS combines the style and grace of the early 20th century with the performance of a 21st century hull and power train. When you’ve spent enough time on functional but ugly boats, maybe it’s time to consider rewarding yourself with a boat that has a more elemental purpose: joy.

This three quarter view shows Reward’s sleek curves. The Tandem Plus cockpit is shown. The helmsman rides on an air spring suspended motorcycle style saddle seat, right amidships where you belong for spirited solo operation. The deck just behind the cockpit provides the second and third seating positions. Two up, the passenger rides behind the helmsman. Three up, passenger are seated side by side. For comfort and security, we’re designing a retractable back rest that tucks into the rear of the cockpit when not in use to maintain Rewards’ clean lines.

For those who care about such things, the expansive engine hatch keeps service accessible and simple.

Reward’s deep vee hull form gives a smooth ride and responsive handling. Lifting strakes improve planning performance and chine flats help knock down spray for a dry ride. No point being gorgeous if you don’t have the moves…

Shown in the reverse position, BRP’s patented lateral thrust control provides superb control for low speed maneuvering. Reward 17 comes standard with intelligent Neutral Reverse (iNR). Replacing manual reverse gate controls, iNR provides effortless electronically controlled and operated neutral and reversing control. The system controls allow precise setting of the reverse gate to completely balance forward and reverse force so there is no unwanted thrust to content with during docking.

Reward’s Specifications

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Rotax® Powertrain